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Published Aug 29, 21
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Whether you’re a recent college graduate or a seasoned professional looking for a new opportunity, social media is a useful job search tool. By leveraging these strategies, you’ll be able to use social media to land a job you love. For the most part, you should assume that employers will look at your social media profiles before inviting you for an interview.

This intelligence can strengthen your job search by helping you understand the culture and how they treat employees. Use Linked, In and Twitter to identify leaders in the companies that you are targeting. By following them and commenting on their tweets, you can get their attention. Responding to their tweets and showing your value will give you an advantage over other candidates who aren't putting themselves out there.

Ultimately, you’ll want to have a consistent tone and style throughout all your social media profiles. You should be using these platforms not only to job search but also to build your personal brand. Building your network on Linked, In is a great job search strategy. But when you send someone an invitation, it defaults to a generic message.

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And most importantly, be authentic! In today’s competitive job search environment, it will give you a huge edge over the competition.

As a job seeker, social media can be a very . From networking to researching potential employers, there are a ton of smart ways to use social media in your job search. Why Use Social Media in Your Job Search? Even if you aren’t an avid social media user, you should consider having a social media profile or two when you’re searching for a job.

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Review your existing social media accounts with a fine-toothed comb to make sure they are employer-appropriate. Or go one step further and create separate profiles that represent your professional interests. These profiles should have a professional photo of you and your posts should only be about your career or other information that relates to your industry.

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Keep It Quiet Though there is some merit to “bragging” about your accomplishments, you don’t want to broadcast to everyone that you’re searching for a job—especially your current employer. Double then triple check your privacy settings and . Also, consider your social media connections with current coworkers - social media, social media manager, social media management, social media accounts, social media managers, social media marketing, social media strategy, social media platforms, content calendar, new york, social media profiles, account manager, social media account, public relations, target audience, social media specialist, social networks, social media presence, manager jobs, social network, social media specialists, community manager, social media networks, social media audit, brand awareness, social media directory, social media users, influencer marketing, social accounts, customer service. Work on Your Website Studies have shown that the overwhelming majority of hiring managers do some online digging on potential job candidates before they even call them in for an interview.

Do Some Homework Of course, you can go straight to a company’s website to get a sense of who they are and what they do. But also check out their social media profiles and any other places you might find them on the web. to get a sense of the tone in which they are written, and their focus.

When you network on social media, don’t forget to help out your network. Make sure you like and share posts that others have written or shared. Comment and congratulate them on their accomplishments. And offer help and advice when you can. What comes around often goes around, so make sure you aren’t only networking to get a new job.

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Twitter Like Linked, In and Facebook, Twitter offers a great resource to demonstrate your expertise. When you use it to post updates and connect with others online via using their Twitter handles in your posts, you can . One thing you may not have considered: you can learn what’s new in your field by following Twitter handles from your professional organizations and conferences.

Look online to see if there is a hashtag (a word that includes a # sign) to help designate tweets from the conference. Follow that hashtag on Twitter and reap the benefits of what your colleagues share. Instagram You can use Instagram as part of your job search, too. Start by creating a professional profile then post professional things to it.

For example, if your Linked, In profile mentions that you’re an expert audit accountant, but your posts talk about your interior design skills, a . It’s fine to rephrase things across social media profiles (one says expert audit accountant, another says experienced and skilled CPA), but make sure you’re being consistent (and honest).

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